Larmes de Pamplemousse

Larmes de Pamplemousse thumbnail

3 minutes, 2016

Music video for the song 'Four Fears' by ¡FLIST! from Fuck You Im Dead, created in collaboration with Kaja Levy.

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Mercury's net

Mercury's Net thumbnail

5 minutes, 2015

Music video for the song 'Mercury’s Net' by ¡FLIST! from Fuck You Im Dead.

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Bug thumbnail

3 minutes, 2012

Music video for the song 'Bug' by ¡FLIST! from Songs of Love for Jewish Girls.

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Boys thumbnail

3 minutes, 2011

Music video for ¡FLIST!'s cover of 'Boys' by Bauhaus from Original Words created from archival footage.

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Saxysndrum - Maceonectar (live performance, 2016)
filmed by Cameron Mitchell + Aaron Mazurek

¡FLIST! - Purify Your Soul (live performance, 2014)
filmed by Robby Reis + Kaja Levy

Saxsyndrum - Tah Hum (music video, 2014)
filmed by Nick Schofield

Hua Li - This Chaos (live performance, 2014)
directed by Nick Bostick

¡FLIST! - Tuberculoma (live performance, 2013)
directed by Nick Bostick