[Mercury’s Net] does a pretty impeccable job at highlighting not just the project’s eccentricities, but its musicality.–, March 12th 2015

¡FLIST! - Mercury's Net

A slow-eyed vamp steps into view to serenade a seemingly empty field. In his croon, the aging spirit appears to catch the attention of a meandering young man. Finished his reviling song, we follow the spirit into the cover of the woods. Like a dog he seeks out a quiet space to die, choosing to rest in the still of a bog.

Mercury’s Net, written and directed by Charlie Twitch, features cinematography by Robby Reis (Natali Film), and was filmed this past September in Eastern Ontario, and North of Montreal in Weir, Quebec. Mercury’s Net is the first video off ¡FLIST!’s debut LP, Fuck You Im Dead, released November 2014 on Art Not Love Records.


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Production stills


Written/Directed : Charlie Twitch
Cinematography : Robby Reis
Assistant-director/camera : Kaja Levy

Spirit : Charlie Twitch
Bather : Tania Dos Santos
Biker : Ethan Campbell

Editing/Titles : Charlie Twitch
2nd Assistant-camera : Marc-André Roy
Fabrication : Steve Campbell
Catering : Carmen Dufort

Thank You : Adam Abouaccar, Peggy Hogan, Frances Adair McKenzie, Keith Odell, Aleks Schürmer, Dave Switchenko, Erin Weisgerber, and Audrey Wolski.

¡FLIST! - Mercury's Net: Composed, written, and performed by Charlie Twitch. Additional vocals by Peggy Hogan. Recorded and mixed by Charlie Twitch at Art Not Love, Montreal.

Released March 2015 on Art Not Love Records, ℗2015 FLIST/Charlie Twitch, ©2014 Art Not Love


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