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Performance + collaboration


9 minutes, 2015

8-channel audio installation and 3-channel video created in collaboration with video artist, Kaja Levy. The multi-channel installation premiered at Matralab in Montreal in 2015.

"Euthymia is a black and white, slow-motion video triptych set in a high-vaulted chapel. It personifies a professional woman’s existential crisis, a representation of her mental state in which workers of her own making support her delusions."

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Telematic Embrace : Mercury's Net

4 minutes, 2014

Excerpt from Fuck You Im Dead arranged for a telematic performance between Montreal, Quebec, and Palo Alto, California performed by Charlie Twitch, Peggy Hogan, Marc-André Roy, Evan Tighe, Michael A. Merserau, and Tania Chen.

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Demonic Possesion, Excorcism, and the 21st Century Artist

30 minutes, 2013

A first person account of one year of work in music and video with composed elements based on my personal research including new works inspired by Michael Nyman, Marc Almond, and Jim Thirlwell. Developed as a one time performance for Objet Sonore. The piece was performed on July 28th, 2013 in Montreal.

"Through first-person narrative and prepared sounds, we join the artist for a year of their life. Passages are taken from journals, poetry, notes, essays, memories, artificial soundscapes, fabrications, illusions, and eye witness testimony. We will follow the artist from their lows, up to their not so lows, and (who knows) a high or two, all the while providing insight into what goes on behind their creative process."

The Broad Salute

10 minutes, 2012

A composition set to accompany The Rapists's Suicide, a video and sculpture installation series by Canadian artist and activist Darrell Legge on Jewish identity relating to the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. Movements accompany each of the five sculptures.