[. . .] Montreal’s ¡FLIST! carves out a sound that resists comparison with his contemporaries in Montreal or almost anywhere else.– Chart Attack, Nov. 13th 2014


Album art 38 minutes, 2014

composed, written, and performed by Charlie Twitch. additional vocals on Mercury’s Net by Peggy Hogan. recorded and mixed by Charlie Twitch at Art Not Love, Montreal. vocals on A2, B2, and B4 recorded by Vergil Sharkya’ at VergilReality.

artwork by Charlie Twitch

released November 2014 on Art Not Love Records

℗2014 FLIST/Charlie Twitch, ©2014 Art Not Love

Released on CD, cassette, and as a digital download on November 11th 2014 by Art Not Love Records, and a live performance at SAT Montreal’s Satosphère dome along with a special presentation of Pop d’Epoque’s Party Like it’s 1699. The album was performed in it’s entirely by a four piece consisting of Peggy Hogan, Marc-André Roy, Nick Schofield, and Charlie Twitch. Live visuals were performed by visual artist Frances Adair McKenzie, projected onto the 180° multi-channel dome.

Thanks to the sacrifices of Kaja Levy, Aleks Schürmer, Peggy Hogan, Vergil Sharkya’, Frances Adair McKenzie, Nick Schofield, Marc-André Roy, and Keith Odell.

This album was made possible by the very generous support of Carmen Dufort, Steve Campbell, Ian Pieterse, Sharan Chadran, Paul Rae, John Campbell, Phillip McMurray, Allison Bishop, Shea Bishop Duffy, David Switchenko,

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Jenn Wade, costume designer for my bedazzled vest.
Peggy Hogan, Charlie Twitch, and Marc-André Roy.
Nick Schofield.
Peggy Hogan, and Marc-André Roy.
Portait of a soggy, angry, confused young artist.


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