Charlie Twitch is a producer, composer, and visual artist based in Montreal, Quebec. Their music draws from their work in film and live performances, moving from subtle, minimalist soundscapes to explosive swing inspired passages.

Twitch’s visual work focuses on the fine lines separating fantasy and reality, inspired by the works of Peter Greenaway, Catherine Breillat, and Matthew Barney. Their work has been exhibited across Canada with the RVCQ, CEC, Film Pop, Objet Sonore, Fantasia, and Kino. Between 2008 and 2010 they edited and published Fatigue, a submission based art magazine.

They also write music as ¡FLIST!, an experimental, DIY project consisting of performed and pre-recorded elements. 2014 saw the release of ‘Fuck You Im Dead‘, a collection of ten songs written and recorded over the last decade. ¡FLIST! has performed for Suoni Per Il Popolo, Pop Montreal, M for Montreal, NXNE, and Quebec OFF.

They currently manage Art Not Love records, a Montreal label dedicated to non-genre-normative music. Twitch also runs ANL Live, the label’s mentorship program, providing basic recording and production techniques for live and studio recording.

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2015 Interview with Student Filmmakers Network
2014 Interview with CultMTL

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