FV007 - real world
We venture further down the spider hole that is my existence, meet my cat family, eat some tasty local treats, and get interrupted right as things get interesting.

FV006 - poetry reading
It's been a while! I give a tiny life and album update, and read the freshly minted lyrics to 'Beauty Standards', a song I am very nervous about releasing because it's been a challenge to write!

FV005 - vite vite

FV004 - "Forte" preview + doubt
I've been working really hard on the record and the record has been working very hard on me.

FV003 - ready for it
No big update this week - just wanted to do something fun. Also, if it matters to you, updates will be on Mondays every week so I can edit them over the weekend.

FV002 - halloween pics + game
In this second installment of FlistVlog I recap how much I love life and how appreciative I am to be an artist. I show some in game screen caps from some games I've made in the past and concept art for the game that will accompany WWVF!!!

FV001 - album announcement + diagnosis
This is the first episode of my new vlog. I am documenting the process of finishing my next album, What To Do When Virtue Fails, and dealing with some personal issues.