¡FLIST! – What To Do When Virtue Fails (LP,  2016)
¡FLIST! – Songs of Love for Jewish Girls (EP, 2016)
¡FLIST! – Fuck You Im Dead (LP, 2014)
Charlie Twitch – I Could Be Happy (LP, 2013)
¡FLIST! – Bug (EP, 2013)
¡FLIST! – Original Words (EP, 2012)
Charlie Twitch – Midtown Hearts (LP, 2012)
Charlie Twitch – Charm (EP, 2008)


Euthymia | 2015
8-channel audio installation and 3-channel video created in collaboration with video artist, Kaja Levy. The multi-channel installation premiered at Matralab in Montreal with the single-channel premiering at CinemAvvenire, Rome in 2016.

Mercury’s Net | 2014 … More details
Excerpt from Fuck You Im Dead arranged for a telematic performance between Montreal, Quebec, and Palo Alto, California with Peggy Hogan, Marc-André Roy, Evan Tighe, Michael A. Merserau, and Tania Chen.

Demonic Possesion, Excorcism, and the 21st Century Artist | 2013 … More details
A first person account of one year of work in music and video with composed elements based on my personal research including new works inspired by Michael Nyman, Marc Almond, and Jim Thirlwell. Developed as a one time performance for the first Objet Sonore season, the piece was performed on July 28th, 2013 in Montreal.

Vincent/Victor | 2013
4-channel sound sculpture in collaboration with sound-artist and pianist, Jamie Woollard.

The Broad Salute | 2012
A composition set to accompany The Rapists’s Suicide, a video and sculpture installation series by Canadian artist and activist Darryl Legge on Jewish identity relating to the Israeli, Palestinian conflict. Movements accompany each of the five sculptures.


Demo reels 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Scumbag | Original score | 2014
Directed by Priscilla Galvez

Aquarium | Original score/Sound design | 2013
Directed by Omar Elhamy.

Ellyptic Orbits | Original score/Sound design | 2013
Directed by Jeff Pavlopoulos.

Rinse | Original score | 2013
Collaboration with sound-artist and pianist, Jamie Woollard. Directed by Kaja Levy.

Reproches | Original score | 2009
Directed by Olivier Bonenfant.

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