Last November I launched my first album, Fuck You Im Dead, as ¡FLIST! after much anxiety, through Art Not Love records in Canada. The album is available exclusively through the ANL web shop, with iTunes and all that other jazz to follow soon-after. The launch at the SATosphère was completely insane, and I’m incredibly lucky to have had the chance to play there. Art Not Love’s resident photographers, Kaja Levy and Robby Reis, were there to shoot the set and have put together a live video for Purify Your Soul:

Here’s what people had to say about the release:

. . . Montreal’s ¡FLIST! carves out a sound that resists comparison with his contemporaries in Montreal or almost anywhere else.Tom Avis, Chart Attack, Nov. 13th 2014
Never has a musical descent into hell been so incredible to witness.Michael Thomas, Grayowl Point, Nov. 17th 2014

I will be spending most of 2015 releasing videos and satelites to the album and trying to play as many shows as possible. I am also working on getting all of the IndieGogo perks to everyone who contributed! Yes, the art book and 12″ are still coming!

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