Production + Arrangement

DirtyOrgans - Holy Ornaments (LP, 2016)

The Marquis - s/t (EP, 2015)

DirtyOrgans - Radio L (LP, 2013)

Mixing + mastering

Rakam - Triomphe Seul mastering
Syngja - Lang Amma mastering
UN - fUN mixing + mastering
Hua Li 化力 – Za Zhong mastering
UN – UNtitled album mixing + mastering


Scumbag (short, 2015)
directed by Priscilla Galvez

Aquarium (short, 2014)
directed by Omar Elhamy

Sewer Solvers (game, 2013)

Rivotanana (short, 2013)
directed by Olivier Bonenfant

Rinse (short, 2013)
composed in collaboration with Jamie Woollard, directed by Kaja Levy

Elliptic Orbits (short, 2012)
directed by Jeff Pavlopouolos

Unobtanium (short, 2012)
directed by Olivier Bonenfant

Kill Him (short, 2012)
directed by Samuel Hilton

Battle Capacity (game, 2010)

Reproches (short, 2009)
directed by Olivier Bonenfant