Fuck You Im Dead

Last November I launched my first album, Fuck You Im Dead, as ¡FLIST! after much anxiety, through Art Not Love records in Canada. The album is available exclusively through the ANL web shop, with iTunes and all that other jazz to follow soon-after. The launch at the SATosphère was completely insane, and I’m incredibly lucky […]

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Fuck You Im Dead Release Party

Fuck You Im Dead album launch in collaboration with Pop d’Epoque/SAT @SAT Satosphére, 1201 blvd. St-Laurent Friday November 14th, 2014 – 7pm The official release date is just under a month away on November 11th! The album is being released through my label, Art Not Love Records as a digital download, CD, and limited edition […]

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¡FLIST! IndieGogo Campaign

I’m putting my future in the world’s hands, and turning to crowdfunding to get my debut album, Fuck You Im Dead, out into the universe! All the info you need can be found at the link below. There are some exclusive goodies available too so don’t miss out! Link: ¡FLIST! debut album campaign.

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