¡FLIST! and Hua Li 化力 will be playing La Baraque (928 St-Catherine, East) next Saturday, March 29th at 9pm, to celebrate the release of her new video. We’ll start things off with a premier of Hua Li’s This Chaos, that was filmed last year on one of the most perfect fall days imaginable. I had the […]

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Welcome to v9.0 where everything looks like it’s from a late 90s science fiction laboratory. It does everything but bleep and bloop! This website is 9 years old in September. I remember when I turned nine, and how important celebrating my age was. So, happy birthday,; enjoy your makeover. Things will undoubtedly be […]

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¡FLIST! remixed Saxsyndrum’s Les Belles Nanas for their expansive, Fairground remix album and somehow got it featured on No Fear of Pop last week! Check it out here, it’s a free download and comes with a great write-up from Parker Bruce. The whole remix album is streaming from Exclaim! right now and will be released […]

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