Despite the variety within Montreal’s thriving music scene, it’s generally possible to fit its chief exports into a few loosely defined sub-groupings: the guitar-focused, psych-inflected jangle of Mac DeMarco, Sheer Agony and Homeshake, for instance, or the introspective soft pop of Sean Nicholas Savage and TOPS, or the weirdo take on Top 40 of Grimes and Mozart’s Sister.

However, on his debut LP, Fuck You Im Dead, Montreal’s ¡FLIST!carves out a sound that resists comparison with his contemporaries in Montreal or almost anywhere else. Expanding on the apocalyptic creep of his early singles and EPs, the album plays like an uneasy compromise between John Carpenter/Dario Argento-soundtrackersGoblin, and Birthday Party-era Nick Cave: a series of foreboding interludes punctuated by bursts of frenetic energy.

While it’s presented with a degree of theatricality, the album feels like an almost uncomfortably personal document, one that is primarily a reflection on anxiety. It took almost eight years to make, and according to ¡FLIST!’s Charlie Twitch it serves as a sort of compendium of his emotional states over that period:

“I feel like I grew up reading about bands that just pop into a studio and a record is magically made over a weekend and have had that hanging over my head for the last decade while I slowly pieced ¡FLIST! together. Everything on Fuck You Im Dead is a reaction to something in my life, and led to its completion representing some kind of monument to my depression and anxiety that I’ve just been chipping away at over the years. This was supposed to be so much more elaborate and last spring I decided it was taking way too long, changed the title, prepared it for cassette and just closed my eyes and let go.”Chart Attack - November 13th 2014

Written over the course of eight years, Fuck You I’m Dead by ¡FLIST! gives off some Phantom of the Opera vibes, Charlie Twitch pounding on a synthesizer as he scores what could be the soundtrack to a zombie romance or exorcism. There’s some pretty bloody imagery in tracks like “Mercury’s Net” and “Four Fears”, but the standout for me is the topsy-turvy “Dents de Fer”. When it’s not building tension in a trance-like state, Fuck You I’m Dead is a chance to dance to songs about gruesome endings.Killer Baby Tomatoes - November 13th 2014
¡FLIST! aka Charlie Twitch, has been one of the more unusual fixtures of the Montreal scene over the last couple of years, trafficking in an unusual brand of foreboding art pop over a stream of singles and EPs and in his theatrical live performances, which feature fellow Montreal weirdos Nick Schofield from Saxsyndrum and Marc-Andre Roy of Rakam. His newest single “Fat Square” comes from his forthcoming debut LP, Fuck You I’m Dead, does much to justify the long gestation of the full-length.

Building on the apocalyptic shuffle of early Nick Cave with an anarchic, keyboard heavy arrangement, and almost rockabilly reminiscent guitar flourishes, the track builds to a paranoid and chaotic crescendo, but according to Twitch the song is, in essence, a love song.Chart Attack - September 18th 2014

La grande surprise du 4 juillet, et du Off en ce qui me concerne, a été ¡FLIST ! , un énergumène montréalais qui se démène en secret depuis presque cinq ans et qui s’est présenté avec un batteur, un bassiste (Marc-André Roy aka Rakam) et une artiste visuelle. Le meneur Charlie Twitch se contorsionnait sur des rythmiques complètement décalées, des mélodies aux frontières du spectre harmonique et des changements abrupts de tempo. Avec des paroles comme « Let’s have a baby and let it die » et «Why should I just let you free», il était intrigant et fascinant, et il nous a donné un beau moment de complicité avec un spectateur. ¡FLIST ! a récolté une ovation et a fait un rappel plus que désiré.Ariane Gruet-Pelchat, Radio BRBR, TFO - July 2014
The style of music took a dark and energetic turn when ¡FLIST! took the stage. The brainchild of experimental artist and musician Charlie Twitch, ¡FLIST! is an anxious, groovy and dramatic experience constructed from loops, synth, drums and Twitch’s erratic and infectious vocals. The result is something so overwhelming, yet extremely easy to listen to.The Court Digital - Winter 2014
Fellow Montreal-er ¡FLIST!’s remix of “Les Belles Nanas” (French slang for “the pretty girls”) tempers Saxsyndrum and Emma Frank’s zippy verve in the way only ¡FLIST! can. Sounds lumber along, hang like Weeping Willows, squat, and balk, and the brass sounds fat and squished. These are all good things!No Fear of Pop - March 13th, 2014
Another local weirdo got into insects this year, but FLIST’s bug was more figurative. On the creepy scale, this grimy, pervy, stomach-churning rendering ranks high.CultMTL - December 16th 2013

It’s hard to explain ¡FLIST!—the artist monicker of Charlie Twitch—without using the words “weird” and “Frank Zappa.” But hey, it’s in the cards when you release an EP called Songs of Love for Jewish Girls. ¡FLIST! combine prog and funk with a healthy smattering of the absurd to reach a whole new level of sincerity. Twitch has nothing to hide, and he’s inviting you to let loose with him. His two EPs are loaded with grooves and shouted truths, but in his band-backed live performances, his songs take on a fuller sound that show the deeper genius of his compositional talent and frontman charisma. Watch for another EP in 2014.AUX - December 11th 2013

We were raving about his single “Bug” a few months ago and this track takes his dynamic electronic, early Nick Cave-influenced sound to an even more exciting place. The video was directed by Montreal photographer Nick Bostick and is approved by Rich Uncle-Skelleton and it’s really really worth your time and has confirmed that ¡FLIST! is one of the most exciting things happening in Montreal right now. ¡FLIST! is playing at the Cabaret Playhouse at 8 on Saturday September 28th for Pop Montreal. Go check him out before you head over to our loft bash!Siltent Shout - September 26th, 2013
If you gravitate toward gritty art that makes your skin crawl and stomach churn a little, you’re going to dig a local act called ¡Flist!, and this video directed by ¡Flist! main man Charlie Twitch. The Songs of Love for Jewish Girls EP is out June 24 on Art Not Love Records.CultMTL - April 20th, 2013
Au service de la musique, définitivement créée sur mesure pour une chanson, l’oeuvre vidéo-clip/vidéo-danse Bug du chanteur Charlie Twitch chorégraphiée par Claudia Chan Tak nous fait questionner la mince ligne entre les genres et cadres de création pour la danse à l’écran.Regards Hybrides - January 14th, 2013
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